History of a Time to Come

Commissioned as part of the 'Bad Translation' series at Crate, Margate (2010), this was a collaboration with Road Kill Zine.

Having visited a hypnotist to be ‘regressed’ to the early 1990s - seminal times spent living in Margate, when cultural allegiances were formed and rock-star dreams pursued - a transcript of the diaristic impressions, landmarks was produced. For 'History of a Time to Come', using the transcript, Road Kill applied their own unique interpretations to those memories and produced a fanzine.

Road Kill Zine was started in 2007 by Craig Scott and Dan Singer. The pair met skateboarding in Whitstable and Herne Bay, and soon discovered the rich DIY culture and hardcore punk music associated with the sport since the 1980s (though they weren’t born until the ‘90s). Inspired by pioneering hardcore bands Minor Threat and Black Flag, they adopted the ‘straight edge’ mantra (‘Don’t smoke, don’t drink...), and looked to the illustrators and fanzines associated with the bands for examples of how they might fill their evenings without dulling their minds.

The fanzine was available, for free, throughout the run of the exhibition and has since been reproduced in its entirety in the publication 'Revelations'.