'Revelations' was a multi-faceted project that took place Sep-Dec 2016. It included two major solo shows, one being an Artangel commission, a solo presentation at Start Art Fair, a public work in collaboration with the I-70 Sign Show in Missouri, a public work as part of the BAS8 Associate Programme in Southampton, a collaboration with Jon Gower in the pages of CCQ Magazine, the production of a plectrum used by Joey Z from Life of Agony on their US/European tour and the publishing of a book that surveyed over 20 years of practice.


Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II - g39/Artangel

Commissioned by g39 Gallery and Artangel, this took the form of a major sculptural installation made, in part, as a response to Mike Kelley's 'Mobile Homestead'.


Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part I - Syson Gallery/Start Art Fair.

Part 1 of this project was a solo installation at Start Art Fair, followed by the re-exhibition of this work at Syson Gallery, expanded out in to a larger survey.


Free For All Forever - i70 Sign Show/BAS8 Associate Programme

Two versions of this billboard were exhibited concurrently in Missouri and Southampton, working in collaboration with the i70 Sign Show and UGO Project Space.

Ganas de Vivir - Joey Z.JPG
rev background.jpg

Plectrum for Joey Z, Life of Agony

300 of this plectrum were produced and used by Joey Z through the latter part of 2016, passing through his hand to fans all over the world. The skull is Joey Z's usual artwork, so the intervention came in the message written in Anglo-Saxon runes on the other side.  

Revelations - Publication

A 200 page publication, produced working with Landfill Editions and Blue Firth, published by Syson Gallery. The book is the most comprehensive survey of the work of S Mark Gubb to date and includes essays by Jonathan Griffin, Ellen Mara De Wachter and an interview with Ross Sinclair. Copies can be purchased by contacting the studio for £15 +p&p.

CCQ Magazine - Collaboration with Jon Gower

Featured in Issue 11 of CCQ Magazine was a piece written by Jon Gower about a trip we took to bury a time capsule in Siberia. You can read it on Issuu here (p.28)