Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II

Co-commissioned by Artangel for g39 Gallery (Oct 21-Dec 17, 2016) 'Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II' took Mike Kelley's 'Mobile Homestead' as a jumping off point.

The work consisted of a 9m x 4m x 4m corrugated-steel building in the gallery, with one painted end and a neon inverted-crucifix on top. Housed inside the work was a sound piece, playing on loop.

From the press release - "Gubb’s installation picks away at the shiny veneer of ‘white picket fence’ American suburbia to expose a twisted, underbelly reality that evokes a dystopian 80’s sci-fi horror movie. 'Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II' resembles a shanty fairground that blends, shifts and re-appropriates vivid imagery from historical moments in politics, science and culture. Gubb’s warped sculptural record of these ideological events highlights that what once may have been a good intention by the powers that created them, is now opposed by the horrific historical facts that followed. 'Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II' might be a monument to where the world is headed, or an acknowledgement of where we've been. The road to Hell is unquestionably paved with good intentions. And the poison of free thought.”

This show formed one part of the, much larger, 'Revelations' project that took place in the latter-half of 2016.