Migrant Press: Revisited / by Mark Gubb

I'm currently making work for a new Division of Labour project that will be exhibited in Worcester and London later this year (October and November respectively).

The project is based around 'Migrant Press' - a highly influential independent poetry magazine that existed briefly at the end of the 1950s. There's a fantastic account of its history by Richard Price through this link:


For my part of the project, a list of about twenty lucky individuals are going to be receiving a piece of print from me through the post, on a weekly basis, for the next few months. Some of this might respond directly to the content and history of the original Migrant Press, whereas other things might be more autobiographical - a mixture of photography, writing and drawing, in response to things of interest I find in my research and/or the day to day.

This idea of exchange in various forms whether invited or not, is something I'm in the early stages of exploring further through a PhD. 

For more information about the project check back here and or the Division of Labour website.